Trackmobile, Zephir S.p.A., LEAF form Global Railcar Mover Group

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Trackmobile, Zephir S.p.A. and LEAF locomotive have joined forces under the Berkshire Hathaway, Marmon Holdings, Inc. umbrella to form Global Railcar Mover Group (GRMG), which aims to “demonstrate its unparalleled commitment to safe rail operations and elevate each member to the next level in their commitment.”

GRMG “provides industries with a full spectrum of choices to handle all their railcar movement needs,” the company said. Offering tractive effort capacities ranging from 27,000 to 80,000 pounds using Tier 4 compliant engines ranging from 130 to 1,200 hp or electric motors that range in drawbar pull from 3,475 to 40,465 pounds “represents the best options available for industrial operations, shipping, and receiving materials and finished goods via rail shipping transportation.”

U.S.-based Trackmobile invented the railcar mover in 1948 as a solution for railcar switching in the handling of industrial materials. Zephir S.p.A., based in Italy and founded in 1969, is a railcar mover manufacturer that developed a battery-powered (Electric Range) railcar mover in 1991 as an environmentally friendly technology for railcar switching. Since 2008, U.S.-based LEAF has been “successfully saving locomotive customers significant fuel costs with its Tier 4, FRA-compliant new locomotives designed for lighter weight line haul operations.”

“We are pleased to announce that Marmon Holdings, Inc. has created Global Railcar Mover Group as part of its Rail Products and Services Sector business. Trackmobile, Zephir S.p.A. and the commercial aspects of the LEAF locomotive business became a part of this new group effective Jan. 1, 2019,” said Ralph Przybyszweski, President, GRMG. “I have been given the opportunity to manage this group with the focus on being the pre-eminent world leader in the railcar mover industry by providing superior products and services through our combined global distribution network.

“We are excited about the innovation and growth opportunities that lie ahead for this new group. All the combined resources of this group and the distributor network will allow us to succeed in every facet of this industry.”

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