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Three transit agencies using IBM software

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

The Long Island Railroad (LIRR), San Francisco Bay AreaRapid Transit (BART), and Washington Metro (WMATA) are using IBM Maximosoftware to manage predictive maintenance programs for rolling stock andfacilities. Maximo software can predict and automatically schedule themaintenance process, providing information on the exact location and conditionof all assets and equipment.

The LIRR will use IBM technology to manage and maintainapproximately 1,180 railcars, locomotives, and their associated part. As partof a project expected to be completed in 2012, IBM will also be helping theLIRR expand its asset management system to include facilities, bridges, andtunnels. The IBM Maximo software integrates the work order and materialsmanagement systems within the LIRR Corporate Asset Management System to improvebusiness operations, lower maintenance costs and improve passenger safety.LIRR’s Corporate Asset Management System will be expanded to includemaintenance and management of all IT assets including PCs, laptops, servers,and software licenses, facilities including Penn Station and Atlantic AvenueTerminal, and assets being installed for the East Side Access project that willconnect the LIRR to Grand Central Terminal.  The system will also integrate with the LIRR’s GeographicInformation System and MTA Business Service Center software applications toimprove administration and support. The LIRR plans to utilize hand-held devices using IBM’s mobile versionof their asset management software for work orders and materials management.

BART will use IBM technology for integrating and managingits purchasing, inventory and maintenance systems that support all trains,stations, equipment and operations. Part of the modernization project includingupdating and integrating older trains and adding new railcars to the fleet,BART will use the software to know the condition and location of all of itsassets and automatically manage maintenance in line with business operations toknow what parts, people, and time are required to fix problems. BART will useMaximo to conduct analysis and schedule maintenance before a part or systemfails. The software will also help BART make sure it has the right partsavailable before they are needed, and eliminate parts that are no longer used.The intelligent asset management software will allow BART to continuouslyevaluate and implement improvements while better planning jobs for a moreefficient workforce, and help BART prepare for the purchase, testing, andacceptance of new railcars. Maximo will also help BART adopt internationalstandards for inventory and allow it to better address regulatory requirements.


WMATA is using IBM technology to manage all of its assets,including more than 12,000 bus stops and train stations, 106 miles of track,1,144 railcars, and 1,500 buses. Beyond the transportation assets, WMATA usesthe IBM software to maintain 594 escalators and 275 elevators. Once informationis gathered from across the transportation system, the IBM software helpsmanage nearly 180,000 work orders each month. The system provides mechanicswith suggested work plans for standard maintenance procedures to ensure thatthe equipment is repaired before it fails. This level of preventativemaintenance allows WMATA to improve maintenance procedures by integrating theoverall work procedures with contract management, as well as monitor and managemaintenance equipment. This will lower the operational maintenance cost whileimproving productivity and prolonging the life span of the equipment.


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