Take the guesswork out of setting hand brakes

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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The newly patented Hand Brake Torque Indicator (BTI) from CMN Components Inc., a nationwide railc ar parts supplier, is a torque indicating device that directly replaces traditional vertical railcar hand brake wheel and hub assemblies. It was introduced at Railway Interchange 2015 in Minneapolis.

The BTI is described as “a simple mechanical device that provides a clear visual indication of applied torque when setting a hand brake, eliminating uncertainty.” It has been rigorously cycle tested to ensure conformance to the latest standards and has been field tested for more than three years. In addition, the BTI has been tested for calibration during “golden shoe” brake tests performed during new-car production to establish calibration settings indicated on the operating decals applied to the car.

The BTI, says CMN, “is produced using high-quality AAR approved steel alloy materials, and its decals are made of genuine 3M reflective Safety Yellow materials, with UV protection and a seven-year guarantee from peeling or fading. The critical torsion spring is manufactured in the U.S. by an ISO-certified spring manufacturer. The BTI can minimize injury risks, reduce runaway car risks, and takes the guesswork out of setting a hand brake. More information is available at www.brakeindicator.com.

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