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Supply Side: WAGO, Clark Testing

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
WAGO Product Manager for Automation Digital Products John Wozniak, PE

WAGO Product Manager for Automation Digital Products John Wozniak, PE

John Wozniak, PE, joins WAGO as new Product Manager for Automation Digital Products. Also, Clark Testing celebrates 30th anniversary.


WAGO announced on Aug. 16 that John Wozniak, PE, has joined as Product Manager for Automation Digital Products. Wozniak will primarily focus on Human Machine Interface (HMI), Edge Devices and wireless Ethernet products while assisting with the development of the manufacturing company’s automation products.

Prior to joining WAGO, Wozniak, as a registered Professional Engineer, worked as a Control Systems and Industrial Communications Engineer, as well as an Engineering Manager.

“I am eager to get back to working with cutting edge technology and help WAGO lead the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) revolution,” says Wozniak.

Clark Testing

As Clark Testing celebrates its 30th year in the testing business, the company looks back at its modest beginning with 16 employees occupying 20,000 square feet of industrial space.

Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, Clark says it is now recognized as a “renowned test engineering organization supporting a wide array of manufacturing companies throughout the world.” Today, the testing company provides testing services at five locations in four states with a staff of 100 team members, including engineers, chemists, technicians, analysts and administrative staff.

Clark’s clients, which range from future-tech startups to large Fortune 100 manufacturing companies, rely on the company’s expert guidance for product validation and certification, said CEO Paul G. Heffernan in a letter announcing the anniversary. “With our extensive inventory of test equipment and assets, Clark offers a broad spectrum of testing services in support of our customer’s product development requirements.”

Heffernan says the company attributes the past 30 years of growth and success to its dedicated team members. “Each employee at Clark is engaged in our core principles of quality, safety, security and service,” Heffernan said. “These core principles are the foundation of Clark’s operations and the key element contributing to Clark’s success.”

Heffernan added that as the company moves toward the next chapter, it is “committed to pivot” with its customers as it helps them meet the technological demands of today. “Clark’s leading role in e-mobility, energy, defense, materials science and space technology, is a result of our management strategy to maintain the company’s position as a resource partner for new product development of advanced technologies,” Heffernan said.

On Jan. 27, 1992, Astro/Nuclear Dynamics, Inc. filed Articles of Incorporation with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State to form the originating company that is now known as Clark Testing. A partnership between Heffernan and Saul Siegel resulted in the acquisition of the testing and manufacturing facilities of Westinghouse Electric’s Advanced Energy Systems Division.  “The technical depth and boundless curiosity of Clark’s dedicated team members, combined with the company’s community-oriented culture will ensure continuous success of Clark Testing for years to come,” said Heffernan.

View the full Clark Testing timeline here.

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