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Supply Side: Duos Technologies, Pacific West

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
Six new artificial intelligence detection models are now available for use with Duos Technologies’ Railcar Inspection Portals (pictured).

Six new artificial intelligence detection models are now available for use with Duos Technologies’ Railcar Inspection Portals (pictured).

Duos Technologies releases six new artificial intelligence (AI) detection models for use with its Railcar Inspection Portals (rip®). Also, rail and industrial contracting firm Pacific West, LLC invests in Eagle Remediation and Demolition Services.

Duos has released six new AI detection models for use with its rip® systems. They are part of a “growing catalog of automated inspection tools that allow railcar operators to detect a wide variety of defects such as the condition of air hoses, sill steps, hand brakes, wheels and uncoupling levers,” the company reported on Jan. 17.

While each detection model is designed to target and identify specific defects or anomalies on railcars as they pass through the rip® at track speed, the latest models are also intended to address Federal Railroad Administration inspection requirements, according to Duos. The company noted that in addition to undergoing lab testing and quality assurance processes, all six models have been “successfully performing in customer-owned environments for several weeks.”

“These new detection models are a key piece of the ongoing expansion of our rail business and help support the increasing value proposition for our more recent efforts toward a new subscription offering,” Duos CEO Chuck Ferry said.

In related developments, Duos in November issued five new AI detection models, and earlier this month announced that rip® systems performed more than seven million comprehensive railcar scans in 2022.

Peter Touesnard, CEO, Pacific West

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Pacific West on Jan. 17 reported its investment in Springtown, Tex.-based Eagle Remediation and Demolition Services (Eagle).

Pacific West currently constructs locomotive fueling facilities, rail yard air brake networks, wastewater treatment facilities, above and below ground mechanical facilities, and security fencing in the western U.S.; it also provides emergency response, environmental remediation and other services. With Eagle, the company will now offer a variety of remediation, environmental drilling, abatement, demolition and other services to railroad, industrial, commercial and real estate customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Eagle Founder Mark Anderson will become Pacific West Vice President of Environmental.

“We are excited to check so many boxes with the addition of Eagle to the Pacific West family,” said Peter Touesnard, who become CEO of Pacific West in February 2022. “Pacific West has been seeking to add on to our portfolio of services and customers and to extend our geographic reach. We have found precisely that with Mark Anderson and the wonderful team and company he has developed at Eagle. Pacific West is excited to have Mark as a key member of the Pacific West executive team and an investor. We look forward to welcoming the dedicated Eagle employees and continuing to provide superior service to Eagle’s customers.”

Mark Anderson added: “The Pacific West platform is a great place for us all to grow as we share the same culture of customer service excellence.”

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