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Supply Side: Duos, Alstom

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
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Duos Technologies, Inc. (Duos) releases two new passenger artificial intelligence (AI) detection models. Also, Alstom’s virtual universe brings rail innovation to life in a digital world.

Duos announced March 23 that it has released two new passenger railcar AI detection models for use with the company’s Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP) solution.

The new offerings, Duos says, are the latest additions to a growing catalog of inspection tools that allow passenger railcar operators to inspect trains at speeds up to 125 mph.

According to Duos, the specific focus of the new models is on the carrier plate and F-Pin securement, both of which are difficult to observe but critical for passenger safety and derailment avoidance. High-speed images monitor and detect missing draft gear carrier plate bolts and cotter keys for the carrier plate and F-Pin, respectively, helping to pre-plan maintenance more economically. These models, the company says, are “the first release of passenger railcar AI detections and are adaptable to other transit car types.”

“Our primary focus continues to be on building an industry-leading artificial intelligence company,” said Duos CEO Chuck Ferry. “Our AI team has continued to push the envelope with the quality and quantity of our detection models. Our 100% customer retention rate is a key reflection of the satisfaction that our clients have with our AI offerings. These additional models for passenger transportation are an essential component of our rail business expansion and help increase the overall prospect pool for our new subscription offering.”

Alstom announced March 22 that it has entered the virtual space with its own virtual reality universe, allowing customers, partners and employees to “immerse themselves in a virtual environment and explore the company’s products and solutions, including interactive simulations and whole fleet management systems.”

The entirely virtualized city, which was created in partnership with SoWhen?, a créatech company, and unveiled at InnoTrans in 2022, allows trains, metros, locomotives, trams and monorails to run in 3D. The universe spans almost 4 km2 of virtual space and offers 12 different types of virtual trains. The InnoTrans showroom brought Alstom’s rolling stock, signaling, components, and green solutions to life, allowing attendees to experience a wide range of Alstom product offering. The virtual universe, Alstom says, proved to be “an invaluable tool to showcase the innovation and advanced technology behind the company’s products and further solidify the image of a modern, high-tech railway company, breaking away from traditional perceptions.”

“This unique digital ecosystem can help do a number of things for our customers,” said Alexis Bonnet-Salkind, Digital Design Manager from Alstom’s Advanced and Creative Design team. “We want to turn the invisible visible: some of our signaling technologies, for example, can be hard to wrap your brain around, especially if your background is not technical. We want to transform the image of a railway company from something old-school and traditional to modern and high-tech, which is what we are, and an interactive digital platform is a perfect tool for demonstrating that. As an example, this can be a game-changer during design concept and mockup review.”

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