Siemens Mobility to Showcase Latest “IT” Tech at Railway Interchange 2019

Written by Andrew Corselli
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For the first time in the U.S., Siemens Mobility will be showing at Railway Interchange 2019 (RSSI Booth #4137) its TPS Online Movement Planning Solution, currently “one of the most talked-about technologies since successful deployment across Europe including the U.K., Germany, France and Scandinavia, where it is currently supporting Norway’s autonomous train operations.”

Siemens Mobility will be showcasing a fully workable interactive simulator demonstrating network optimization and highlighting capabilities such as conflict detection and resolution, M/W planning, as well as enhanced asset utilization. It will also feature its Live Map capability—detailing real-time train positions and runtime information like delays, temporary restrictions, and estimated arrival and departure times.

Also at Booth 4137, Siemens Mobility will demonstrate its comprehensive M/W Mobile Tablet Solution, just launched internationally and now being introduced in the U.S. This M/W Tablet “is a rugged, portable mobile unit that electronically communicates functions previously conducted over radio. It now allows direct communication to both on-board and office, effectively supporting the EIC (Employee in Charge) communication. It also features M/W capabilities never-before realized, such as real-time GPS locator tracking, an important safety feature for M/W workers. There is also a unique on-board view for High-Rail vehicles, allowing for electronic mandatory directives and movement authorities and replacing the previously verbal and handwritten authorizations.”

“The railroads are asking for solutions that will help them plan and run their operations more efficiently,” said Michael Nolan, Vice President of North American Sales at Siemens Mobility. “In response, we will demonstrate exciting new technologies from Siemens Mobility at Railway Interchange—technologies that will be the showcase for Siemens in the industry.”

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