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RailWorks is Revolutionizing Track Inspections

Written by RailWorks 
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RailWorks has an extensive history of innovation in track maintenance and infrastructure solutions, and has built upon that experience by creating RailWorks Insight, a comprehensive digital track inspection reporting software that has revolutionized how you think about your track maintenance. 

Traditionally, track managers and maintenance planners would spend time tediously recording track inspection reports with pen and paper. Countless documents that they had to fill out, file, and provide to governing bodies like the FRA and Transport Canada. RailWorks has completely digitalized this process into an app that is scalable and customizable to the customers’ needs.

Customizable Features for All Users

Whether you are leaving your track inspection to the experts at RailWorks or if you would like to deploy it to your own inspection staff, Insight is flexible and scalable.

Customers within North America are already implementing Insight across their operations. RailWorks has received resounding feedback for the reporting function of this product. A report that used to take hours to compile now can be sent within seconds, since everything is digital. Providing reports for audits is easy: Customers can simply send an automatically generated digital report or give auditors temporary access to Insight. Customers also have the control to grant and disable access into their Insight portal all on their own. Of course, if any issues arise, RailWorks can directly provide support.

Another unique feature is immediate estimate reporting with detailed budget repairs. RailWorks Insight uses current labor rates, materials and equipment used in the track maintenance to build a detailed repair estimate. It even will account for different rail types, tie types, embedded track, etc. 

Meet RailWorks Insight

The dedicated team of track experts at RailWorks is available to give a live demo of Insight, and will be at the upcoming Railway Interchange Exhibition, October 1-4 in Indianapolis. For more information, please reach out to the staff here.