Railway Age: July 2022 Digital Edition On Line

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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The July 2022 issue of Railway Age is available digitally, with a midyear report on the state of the freight rail industry plus the 51st Annual Car & Locomotive Repair Directory.

Inside, you’ll find feature stories on:

• Railroads at Midyear: Under Scrutiny — Compared with the intense examination to which Class I freight railroads have been subjected by the Surface Transportation Board and other industry stakeholders, dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic was a relatively calm stroll in the park on a warm spring day, writes Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono, with Wall Street Contributing Editor Jason Seidl and Capitol Hill Contributing Editor Frank N. Wilner.

• Tech Focus, M/W: Smoothing the Wheel/Rail Interface — Reducing rail wear and mitigating noise in tight curves are among the benefits of lubrication and its high-tech equivalent, friction management.

• MxV Rail R&D — Principal Investigator I Ulrich Spangenberg addresses the evaluation of the inclusion of turnout negotiation in M-976 specification requirements.

• Understanding Thermal Forces in Rail — In the seventh edition of “Timeout for Tech with Gary T. Fry, Ph.D., P.E.,” Fry discusses how temperature variations can cause sun kinks and pull-aparts.

Railway Age also presents its 51th Annual Car & Locomotive Repair Directory, which contains information about companies providing contract car and locomotive repair and support (component repair) services to the railroad industry.

In addition, Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass covers key takeaways from the Rail Insights 2022 Virtual Conference, presented by Railway Age. Speakers included: Union Pacific Chairman, President and CEO Lance Fritz; CSX Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jamie Boychuk; Watco Companies CEO Dan Smith; Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner; Surface Transportation Board Chair Martin Oberman; and GATX Executive Vice President and President, Rail North America Paul Titterton. Railway Age editors William C. Vantuono, Nahass and Don Itzkoff talked with them about top challenges, issues and trends.

Plus, meet Carolina Worrell, who has rejoined the Railway Age staff as Senior Editor.

These highlights and more can be found in Railway Age’s July 2022 digital edition: