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RailRunner N.A. touts ReeferPro chassis for temp-controlled containers

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Lexington, Mass.-based RailRunner N.A. Inc. has announced the availability of its Model ReeferProTM 100 chassis for temperature-controlled ISO containers, developed specifically for shippers of produce, frozen or refrigerated foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products requiring temperature-controlled transportation.


ReeferPro allows ports, inland terminals, and shippers to no longer rely solely on their own power plugs, hazardous fueling capacities, or other sources of energy for supplying electric power to containers while parked, during road movements or on rail, simplifying both the supply chain and backhaul opportunities, the company says.

The bi-modal ReeferPro 100 chassis provides an air-cushion suspension on rail, especially suitable for sensitive and fragile cargo, up to six-day uninterrupted power supply, and continuous monitoring of fuel supply and GPS location. For modem-equipped containers, ReeferPro can also monitor cargo temperature, humidity, and air circulation. ReeferPro 100 enables a shipper to load a refrigerated container at a farm or food processor and, without requiring any cranes or other expensive lifting equipment, to seamlessly ship by rail and/or road, providing “door-to-door,” same-box, temperature-controlled service, the company says.

“ReeferPro 100 fills an important and unique market need,” said company Chjef Operating Officer Wolfgang Graaff. “Its high security, air-cushioned ride characteristics can serve both domestic and international customers, protecting against product damage and theft.”