RAILog offers plug-and-play switch monitoring

Written by Railway Age Staff

RailComm has introduced RAILog, a data logger purpose-built for North American railroads for remote condition monitoring of switch machines.

The company also unveiled the new RAILog Current Sensor which along with RAILog significantly reduce the cost of switch condition monitoring, are easily and non-intrusively self-installable, and are designed and manufactured in the USA.

RAILog is pre-configured for remote condition monitoring of switch machines. There is no complicated setup and configuration to manage and maintain. Simply plug in the RAILog Current Transducer, connect RAILog to an IP network and power on. The company says customers can self-install the RAILog in 30 minutes and installation is non-intrusive to existing wiring.

Multiple RAILogs can be deployed to scale to handle the largest control points and since network connectivity and power supplies can be shared, scaling also lowers cost. In addition to “right-sizing” to meet the deployment requirements of North American railroads, RAILog is completely self-initializing and configuring for true plug-and-play performance.

RAILog features built-in Current and Trend state indicators that visually show the health of the switch based on Insight’s predictive analytics. Insight evaluates each new switch throw to determine health. It assigns one of five color-coded levels based on the evaluation. RAILog has two banks of matching colored LEDS to visually show the health of the last throw (Current state) and the trend over the last 10 throws (called the Trend state and is configurable). Now, maintainers visiting the bungalow can quickly glance at the RAILog and determine if the switch is healthy and if it has been healthy for the previous 10 throws.

RailComm Insight and RAILog combine for a remote monitoring and predictive analytics platform for mainline switch machines. With Insight, you can increase train velocity by pre-empting switch failures before they occur. Insight also helps reduce maintenance costs and increases maintenance efficacy by allowing optimal maintainer mobilization, decreasing trouble-shooting time, and validate the maintenance or repair.

Insight Subscription is available as a no-risk subscription Cloud Service or Insight Enterprise which can be deployed to a data center.

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