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RailComm DOC® Yard Automation System at CSX Selkirk

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Railcomm Monday said CSX has placed RailComm’s DOC® Yard Automation System “into production” at its Selkirk, N.Y., facility (outside of Albany). RailComm’s Domain Operations Controller (DOC®) server-based control system provides wireless remote control from the yard tower to 48 GETS HydraSwitchTM machine locations.


The company says the DOC® System features eNtrance and eXit(NX) routing and stacked route planning capability, providing the tower operator with complete control of all routes within the yard. RailComm’s 2.4GHz RADiANTTM data radios provide a wireless communications network to link the office with the field locations, including pre-existing switch heater locations.