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Railcar Repair, Cleaning and Storage on the Houston Ship Channel

Written by UTLX On-Site Services 
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When it comes to railcar repair, no one does it better than Union Tank Car Company. UTLX On-Site Services (UTLX) is the leader in the rail repair industry and we work closely with customers to provide practical solutions to industry needs.

Recently, UTLX joined forces with US Development Group (USDG) and Quala at the Bayport Rail Terminal to provide a broad range of railcar repair services in the heart of the Houston Ship Channel. By uniting the rail industry’s leading service providers, Bayport Rail Terminal is now a one-stop shop for railcar cleaning, repair, qualification, inspection, transloading, on-site plastics packaging, storage, and more. 

Railcar Repair 

At Bayport Rail Terminal, UTLX is proud to offer a full range of heavy railcar repair and maintenance services at our fully certified mini repair shop. In partnership with USDG, we can accommodate large blocks of railcars at one time, streamlining scheduling, and making large-scale repair projects seamless. Our goal is to help our customers maximize fleet utilization and remain in compliance with current regulations. 

Performing repairs and inspections at Bayport Rail Terminal adds value by providing a quicker turnaround since transportation, receiving, and release all occur at one location. What does this mean for you? Quicker turnaround times, empty freight savings, and increased fleet utilization.

Onsite repairs and inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Tank car qualifications (HM-216B)
  • SS3 Stubsill, Rule 88B 
  • Wheel replacement
  • Truck inspection & maintenance
  • Coupler & draft system repairs
  • Certified welding & weld inspection
  • Commodity stencils & graffiti removal
  • Gate replacement & repair
  • Valve inspection & rebuilding
  • Brake shoe replacement & air brake tests
  • Lining touch-up

Qualification & Certification

UTLX and Bayport Rail Terminal is also uniquely positioned to handle the requalification demand of the near future. With the anticipated requalification surge starting in 2022 and peaking in 2025, UTLX’s AAR-certified tank car experts are ready to perform essential qualifications and regulatory testing to make sure your fleets remain safe and operational. Want to find an even easier way to qualify your fleet? Contact Charles and Lory to learn more about UTLX’s multi-year solutions (contact info below).

Storage & Cleaning

Located near the Bayport Container Terminal and Morgan’s Point, Bayport Rail Terminal serves some of the nation’s largest refineries and petrochemical businesses and is served by Union Pacific railroad. At this 133-acre site, with a capacity of 835 cars, there is ample space for customized rail storage solutions and services tailored to our customer’s needs. Also on-site, Quala provides full-service, safe, and environmentally sound railcar cleaning services. Offering more than 14,000 unique cleaning procedures, Quala has the permits to address any cleaning challenge. 

Ready to Receive

Our quick turnaround times drive increased capacity and throughput capabilities. We are ready to receive your cars today! 

Reach out to our team to learn more.

Charles Dettmann, UTLX 
[email protected] 

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