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Procor On-Site Services at VIP Sarnia and Transmark Terminals

Written by Laurie Stiles, Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Marmon Rail On-Site Services
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At Procor, we recognize the importance of delivering the best products and services to the many stakeholders who depend on us. Our railcars transport products that are essential to our customers’ industries, including oil and gas, plastics and chemicals, food and beverage, and agriculture. To best serve our customers, Procor’s On-Site Services division has established rail car repair locations at the Transmark Ltd. rail car storage facility just outside of Lethbridge, Alberta and VIP Rail’s Sarnia location in Ontario.

The Transmark location is uniquely positioned to handle the requalification demand that is upon us. The surge in tank cars needing requalification has already begun to build and will peak in 2025. Procor’s AAR-certified tank car experts are ready to perform essential qualifications and regulatory testing to make sure your fleets remain safe, operational, and compliant. Along with qualifications, our staff are proud to offer a full range of best-in-class heavy railcar repair and maintenance services at our fully-certified Transmark and VIP Sarnia on-site mini shops. Repairs and inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Tank car qualifications (HM-216B)  (Transmark location only).
  • SS3 Stubsill, Rule 88B (Transmark location only).
  • Wheel replacement.
  • Truck inspection/ maintenance. 
  • Coupler/draft system repairs. 
  • Certified welding/ weld inspection. 
  • Commodity stencils/ graffiti removal. 
  • Pre/post trip inspection. 
  • Gate replacement/ repair. 
  • Valve repair/ replacement. 
  • Brake shoes/air brake tests. 
  • Safety valve testing/repair 
  • AAR field manual repairs. 
  • Lining touch-up. 
  • Penetrant testing. 
  • Bubble leak testing. 
  • UMLER project tracking.


Transmark is located in the heart of Southern Alberta, just 10 minutes from Lethbridge off the Canadian Pacific main line and 50 miles from Sweetgrass, Montana at the interchange with BNSF. Transmark can accommodate full unit trains and has storage capacity for up to 1,000 rail cars. Procor provides railcar repair services for both tank and freight cars which includes, but is not limited to, on-site and mobile car inspections, light to heavy mechanical repairs (including trucks and underframe), valve repairs and replacements, as well as on-site rail car cleaning. Procor and Transmark have enjoyed working together on numerous projects, so establishing an on-site facility was a natural progression. Having dedicated repair capabilities at Transmark allows Procor to provide a safe and reliable location for railcar owners to direct their cars for repair. 

VIP Sarnia

VIP Rail’s Sarnia, Ontario location is located in the heart of Ontario’s chemical valley, home to the leading names in petrochemicals. With two rail-centered industrial parks spanning more than 160 heavy industrial-zoned acres, and access to CN and CSX, VIP Rail and Procor have the location, infrastructure, and services in place to give industrial customers a true competitive edge. Offering railcar storage with a capacity of up to 850 railcars, multiple transloading platforms, and cleaning services with the ability to handle hazardous materials, VIP Rail and Procor provide unmatched service, safety, and security for our customers. VIP Sarnia also offers 115,000-SF of warehouse space and lay-down space to accommodate project cargo and over-side equipment handling. 

About Procor

Procor provides superior value with industry-leading capabilities and more than 65 years of experience serving Canadian rail shippers. Procor offers the most extensive rail car repair network in Canada and the United States, best-in-class shop turnaround, industry-leading use of on-site repair teams, technical services when and where required, and innovative fleet management tools. Procor’s services, tailored to your operational needs, will help you achieve higher fleet availability, reliability, efficiency, and performance.

Procor is part of the Rail and Leasing Group within Marmon and has three integrated business units: repair services, manufacturing, and leasing. Procor owns and manages 130,000+ tank and special purpose freight cars, the largest fleet in North America. Our service network consists of 18 main service centers, more than 100+ on-site mini-shop locations, and mobile repair teams across the United States and Canada, all backed with in-house technical, engineering, and regulatory support and guided by Responsible Care® principles. 

UTLX began operations in the United States in 1891 and began operating as Procor in Canada in 1952. In 1981, Procor/UTLX was purchased by Marmon Holdings. Marmon Holdings, part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, is comprised of more than 100 autonomous companies serving diverse industries and markets worldwide. Marmon businesses operate more than 400 manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities employing more than 20,000 people.

Laurie Stiles has worked in the rail industry for more than 20 years. She joined Marmon On-Site Services in January 2021 to lead the sales and marketing team. She has integrated the sales and marketing teams for Railserve, UTLX On-Site Services and Procor On-Site Services to provide customers with a full package of on-site rail services that deliver operational excellence. Now based in Houston, Texas, Laurie holds a Bachelor of General Studies from the University of Calgary and an MBA in International Business from the University of St. Thomas.

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