Operation Lifesaver Canada Unveils Rail-Safety Presentation

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Operation Lifesaver Canada unveiled its new rail-safety presentation designed specifically for children in kindergarten through Grade 2—Train and the Whateveritwas.

The narrated storybook-style presentation introduces children to “Track” and “Train,” two characters who work together to carry heavy loads over long distances. After a close call with an object on the tracks, Track and Train express their fears about hitting something—or worse, someone—in their path. Through the story, children are encouraged to stay rail-safe by heeding a simple message: “Train or Track? Just Keep Back!”

Parents and teachers can stream English and French versions of Train and the Whateveritwas directly on YouTube. OL Rail Safety Ambassadors can also download the video resource directly from OL’s Ambassador Portal for use in settings sans Internet connection.

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