Now On Line: Railway Age’s May Digital Edition

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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The May 2021 issue of Railway Age is available digitally, covering topics from carbon neutrality and cybersecurity to the rebirth of streetcars, and showcasing the honorees of our second-annual Readers’ Influential Leaders poll.

Inside, you’ll find feature stories on:

• Railroad/Supplier Partnerships: What started as “basically a handshake” blossomed over time into a mutually beneficial working relationship for Watco and CDL Electric.

Maintenance-of-Way: How to extend rail life with precision grinding, milling and welding.

• Digital Transformation: The digital disruption doesn’t have to be disruptive. Find out how to recognize and address volatility.

• Sustainability: How North American Rail is on the beginning edge of a secular change in its approach to carbon emissions.

• Cybersecurity and Locomotive Health: How Shift5, an advanced-technology company that sprung from the U.S. Department of Defense, has established a firm foothold in the U.S. railway industry—with “smarter, safer railroading.” 

Railinc Locomotive Review 2021: Fleet size is down a little as age sees a slight uptick. But brand-new units remain scarce.

• Rail Transit: Nearly wiped out decades ago, the lightest form of light rail—the streetcar—has made a remarkable comeback.

TTCI R&D: An investigation of the effects of braking on wheels.

Most important, Railway Age is pleased to present our 2021 Readers’ Influential Leaders—the top 10 nominees, plus five leaders receiving honorable mention, as selected by qualified subscribers. Their mantra: Making a difference. They’re not only helping to shape the railway industry, but also tomorrow’s leaders.

In addition, Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass addresses the scuffle between Canadian Pacific and CN to acquire Kansas City Southern—and how the target is actually the hunter.

These highlights and more can be found in Railway Age’s May 2021 digital edition.