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NARS 2023 Annual Meeting: ‘A New Era in Railroading’

Written by Carolina Worrell, Senior Editor
NARS President Bruce Mann

NARS President Bruce Mann

The North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) will host its annual meeting May 24-26, 2023, in Chicago. This year’s theme is “A New Era in Railroading.”

“With the changes and challenges currently facing the freight rail industry, we need to continue working together to build relationships between the railroads, shippers, regulators, and the public. The NARS Annual Meeting is a great place to do that,” said NARS President Bruce Mann.

The agenda for the meeting, which will be held in conjunction with Traffic Club of Chicago’s Annual Dinner and Golf Outing, features high-level executives from large railroads, major shippers and industry experts, including:

  • Arthur Adams, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, CSX
  • Terry J. Atkinson, Assistant Vice President–Industrial Products, Union Pacific Railroad
  • Tomeka Watson Bryant, General Manager, New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
  • Katie Farmer, President & CEO, BNSF
  • Lance Fritz, President & CEO, Union Pacific Railroad
  • Rick Galvan, The Greenbrier Companies
  • Tony Hatch, ABH Consulting
  • Joe Hinrichs, President & CEO, CSX
  • Adam Nordstrom, Principal, Viking Navigation
  • Martin Oberman, Chairman, Surface Transportation Board
  • Dean Piacente, President & CEO, OmniTRAX
  • Jean Savage, CEO & President, Trinity Industries, Inc.
  • Alan Shaw, President & CEO, Norfolk Southern
  • Torri Stuckey, Head of Merchandise Marketing, CSX
  • Shermann “Dilla” Thomas, Chicago Historian & Founder, Chicago Mahogany Foundation
  • Roger C. Tutterow, Ph.D., Professor, Michael J. Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

NARS will also be presenting its 2023 scholarships to college students based on their academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community service. Scholarship candidates typically represent a blend of traditional undergraduate students, as well as some working on advanced degrees in fields associated with the transportation industry.

NARS Annual Meeting Details


Wednesday–Friday, May 24–26, 2023


Marriott Marquis Chicago

2121 S. Prairie Ave

Chicago, Illinois

Reservations online, and please book before May 1, 2023 to take advantage of the discounted group rate of $289.


$575 registration fee until May 10, 2023. On May 11, registration increases to $600.


• Online conference information and registration

• Email: [email protected]

• Phone: 872-212-4134

Traffic Club of Chicago Annual Dinner & Golf Outing

Separate registration required. Information available online.

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