Miner Double Groove III: Plastics like this gate

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Miner Enterprises Inc.’s Double Groove III pneumatic gate for plastics, featured at Railway Interchange 2015 (Booth 3609, RSI), is simple to operate, clean and wash out, and provides a watertight seal when closed and locked, this long-time supplier with more than 116 years of discharge systems experience says.

Miner1“The aluminum Double Groove III has only one moving part, and can be opened and closed with one hand,” says Miner Rail Products Division Manager of Engineering Brian “The Gatekeeper” Senn. He, along with Regional Sales Manager Bob Novinsky (bottom photo), provided Railway Age with a demonstration of this gate’s operational and design features.

“One of the most widely specified gates by plastic pellet shippers, the Double Groove III offers a watertight, obstruction-free design,” Senn and Novinsky explained. “The seals keep flood waters out, retaining the integrity of even very fine powder products. The valve and interior are free of obstructions that can collect product residue and buildup, and make complete cleanout difficult. Rotary valves throttle back the product flow, resulting in lower opening forces and thus easier gate opening. A simple 90-degree rotation of the single lever on either end opens the valve to a full-length clean and washout position. Reinforced bolting flanges control scalloping during installation on a covered hopper. An enlarged pneumatic opening and valve diameter enable easier manual sampling, easier cleaning and better product flow.”

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