Kathy Keeney joins ASLRRA

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) has appointed long-time ASLRRA contractor and exhibition manager Kathy Keeney as Vice President, Membership & Exhibit Services.

Keeney is stepping in for Cheryl Huyck, who formerly led the membership effort and retired from ASLRRA earlier this year. “Her focus will be to evaluate and promote the membership value proposition for ASLRRA’s more than 1,000 members,” ASLRRA said. “In this role, she will also work to bring our successful annual Connections Conference and Exhibition planning in-house for ASLRRA after more than a decade of external show management.”

Previously, Keeney managed the show for ASLRRA on behalf of her former employer, The Journal of Commerce, publisher of several railroad industry publications including The Pocket List of Railroad Officials.

“Kathy Keeney will direct her considerable talents to bringing a new focus to the supplier role in ASLRRA ensuring industry vendors are fully engaged in showcasing the leading industry innovations, equipment, technologies, and services before ASLRRA’s railroad members,” ASLRRA said. “She will explore the establishment of a supplier committee within ASLRRA dedicated to expanding the profile and engagement of industry vendors well beyond the annual exhibition. ASLRRA’s plan to reinvent and improve its regional meetings will be critical to supplier growth in both numbers and depth of involvement.”

“Another potential target for expanded supplier exposure will be the publication of a short line-specific magazine focused on telling the short line industry story on behalf of short line railroad stakeholders nationwide,” ASLRRA said. “Under Keeney’s direction, a publication effort will be evaluated and, if approved, launched in the months ahead.”

Keeney comes to ASLRRA with many years’ experience in railroad industry publishing in communications, customer service, sales, trade show management, marketing and finance. For the past 15 years, she has served as publisher of The Pocket List of Railroad Officials, a quarterly directory of railroads and suppliers. The granddaughter of a railroader, Keeney is a past president of The League of Railway Industry Women and served on the board of directors for the ASLRRA and for the Washington Chapter of WTS. She is a graduate of Loyola University of Maryland, with a degree in English literature/media.

Kathy is joining our team at a critical time,” said ASLRRA President Linda Darr. “Not only will she be an excellent person to expand on the great membership work done by Cheryl Huyck, but by bringing the exhibition in-house, particularly at a time of growth, ASLRRA will be able to direct every revenue dollar to the benefit of ASLRRA members and convention attendees.”

“I am delighted to join ASLRRA and be a part of the exciting new initiatives that Linda is driving,” Keeney said.

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