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IBM, MERMEC Group collaborate in China

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

IBM and MERMEC Group will jointly present a technical paper on their “Smart Management Platform for Railway Infrastructure” at the Oct. 26 Permanent Way Summit in Beijing organized by the Chinese Ministry of Railways and the China Railway Association. The summit is targeted toward the local railway industry and includes technologies available for railway infrastructure management. Several M.O.R. executives, including Kang Gaoliang, general director of the M.O.R. Permanent Way Department, and people from local Railway Bureaus and CARS (China Academy of Railway Sciences) will attend the summit.

“The Chinese Railway network will incorporate million of sensors that will verify all aspects of rail operation from train speed to brakes needing replacment,” said IBM and MERMEC. “Building these intelligent rail networks will require a high-powered, integrated system that can collect, manage, and analyze an enormous amount of data flowing in from the field, through the trains and stations, and across the maintenance process.”

The Smart Management Platform presentation will introduce RAMSYS, a decision-support system for maintenance and renewal planning, and MAXIMO, a linear asset management system. The focus will be on safety and preventive maintenance.

“Smarter capabilities and greater insight can help prevent accidents before they happen,” said IBM and MERMEC. “Sensor-based early detection of potential equipment failures provides a more optimal predictive maintenance scheme, and various monitoring capabilities for rail infrastructure such as tracks and trains can reduce disruptions to passenger and freight service. Working on these projects demands a unique set of products, skills and services. IBM and MERMEC Group can jointly offer these skills and put the products and services into action.”