HOTSTART heating up Railway Interchange 2015

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

An APU (auxiliary power unit) idle reduction system that requires a smaller installation footprint, and electric coolant/lube heating systems that feature a more-user-friendly, simplified design are among the technologies showcased by HOTSTART at Railway Interchange 2015 (Booth 3131, RSI).

Introduced in mid-2015, HOTSTART’s APU5-110-100 and APU5-110-110 Idle Reduction Systems maintain water temperature at 100 degrees F (38 degrees C) above ambient for diesel engines up to 200 liters displacement/5,000 hp. Oil heating typically lags water temperature 10-20 degrees F (5-10 degrees C). Equipped with an AESS (auto engine start-stop) interface, digital engine status feedback, battery charging and plumbing kit (and cab heat with the APU5-110-110), these units “allow an idling locomotive to be shut down in cold weather at any location,” according to HOTSTART Senior Market Manager-Railroad Jason Barnes (above, left). “This is a self-contained system that runs off the locomotive’s diesel fuel supply, keeping the prime-mover warm and ready to restart. It consumes a half-gallon (2 liters) per hour of diesel fuel on average, depending upon ambient temperature. It’s small enough to install on a locomotive walkway, inside the cab, or in the locomotive’s nose, where space allows.”

Both APUs feature EPA Tier 4-compliant Yanmar 3TNV74F inline 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct-injection 0.933 liter diesel engines with emergency shutoff.

One of these units can be viewed at the Railway Interchange 2015 outdoor exhibits installed in an SD40 refurbished by longtime HOTSTART collaborator Independent Locomotive.

Hotstart2HOTSTART’s CLV Coolant Heating System and DLV Coolant/Lube Oil Heating System were developed to preheat locomotive prime-movers as well as diesel and gas engines for stationary land power, marine and mining equipment. The CLV is an electrically powered packaged water heating/idle reduction system with circulation pump and PT-100 temperature sensors that maintains the prime-mover’s temperature. It heats engines up to 300 liters displacement. The DLV is a complete, packaged dual-heating system.

“Our simplified, user-friendly design offers total accessibility to the control box, because the lid is easily removable,” said Barnes, pictured at lower left. “It doesn’t require extra space to swing open the door.”

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