Duos launches truevue360™

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Jacksonville, Fla.-based Duos Technologies Group Inc. has launched a new operating subsidiary, truevue360™ (tv360) through subsidiary Duos Technologies, Inc., a provider of intelligent security and analytical technology. Tv360 will focus on developing, implementing and marketing artificial intelligence (AI) and “deep learning solutions” for a broad range of industries, among them rail.

The new AI-based platform will augment the company’s existing intelligent technologies centraco® and praesidium®, the underlying software platforms for its Rail Inspection Portal (rip) system Vehicle Undercarriage Examiner (vue) and Advanced Logistics Information System (alis). Tv360 “will also work collaboratively with outside service providers and technologies already in use to develop advanced algorithmic models,” Duos said.

Tv360 is currently being staffed with development teams in the U.S. and European Union, where Duos has already employed a team of developers for the past four years. “Tv360’s primary mission is to build value-added software technologies for AI, machine learning and algorithm development,” the company said. “Later this year, we expect to add a dedicated sales and marketing team to tv360 with a focus on selling the solutions created to existing and new customers and supporting the Duos teams in the growth of the existing business. Tv360 will provide its services relying on both external cloud services as well as a cloud platform operated at our Colo-data center, where dedicated high-performance computing systems are expected to be installed to support operations. The systems will be used to process deep learning algorithms on the millions of images and other data sources that Duos systems capture and analyze across a variety of customer industries, employing relevant deep learning algorithms to suit their specific needs.”

“While primitive versions of machine vision and machine learning have made their way into the industrial process for most of the past 30 years, the latest generation in AI combines new, high-performance computer chip sets resulting in high-level machine intelligence, neural networking topographies, and the Internet of Things (IoT), providing significant strides in overall computational logic,” Duos noted. “Additionally, the substantial growth in general processing capabilities has now made it affordable to apply deep learning and machine vision-based processes to many aspects of life.”

Deep learning and AI enable computers to continuously learn new concepts from raw data, “much like the human mind,” Duos said. “Image or other data sources are connected in real-time to an artificial neural network (ANN) and automatically analyzed against conditions of interest defined by the end-user. In deep learning, large artificial neural networks are fed learning algorithms and ever-increasing amounts of data, continuously improving their ability to ‘think’ and ‘learn’ with the more data they process. ‘Deep’ refers to the many layers the neural network accumulates over time, and performance improves the deeper the network gets. While most deep learning is currently done with human supervision, the aim is to create neural networks that can train themselves and ‘learn’ independently.”

“Society finds itself again at the crossroad of a major technology shift,” said Duos Chairman and CEO Gianni Arcaini. “Many aspects of our personal and professional lives are expected to be significantly impacted by the latest developments of applications built on distributed AI. Duos’ history is one of innovation in advanced intelligent technologies and our objective with truevue360 is to significantly add to our capabilities in this important space.”

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