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AAR: Industry safety commitment “continues to expand”

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

InteRRIS™,  the Integrated Railway Remote Information Service safety program launched by the railroad industry in 1997 to implement cutting edge technology, in order to gather data on equipment performance in order to reduce derailments, last week notched subscriber number one million, according to the Association of American Railroads.


"The point of this vast technology system is to improve safety on the 140,000 mile rail network by monitoring the health of rail equipment real-time and detecting problems before an accident or derailment occurs, " said Edward Hamberger, AAR president and CEO (pictured at left). "The system is doing its job; broken wheel derailments are down 10% and bearing related accidents have declined by 25%. We believe the continued expansion of data systems like InteRRIS™ will pay added dividends in terms of enhanced safety and efficiency in the movements of goods across our nation."

InteRRIS™ was developed by the Transportation Center Inc. (TTCI) as a data warehouse for automatically acquiring, storing, and analyzing vehicle performance information. Data is culled from more than 170 wayside detectors located throughout the nationwide system.  The system alerts the industry and subscribers (railroads, private car owners, railcar fleet managers) with customizable information about how a vehicle is operating, including car history, wheel performance, truck performance, and hunting data.

As a key support of the Advanced Technology Safety Initiative, InteRRIS™ provides a snapshot of a railcar’s strength and fitness and alerts customers to potential problems before they occur,resulting in a more predictive approach to railroad maintenance resolving issues before they become problems or accidents.