Passenger rail cars for sale

The Washington State Department of Transportation is selling passenger rail cars previously used in Amtrak Cascades service. These Talgo Series VI cars are configured as two 12-car trainsets and three spare cars.

Roll Safe, Roll Silent

RAILWAY AGE, JULY 2020 ISSUE: Friction management improves safety, serves as a cost reduction driver, reduces noise pollution and extends rail life. Curving physics involving the wheel/rail interface are basic: When a train passes through a curve, it generates forces that want to push the rails out of gauge. The magnitude of the force is directly related to axle loads.

Impact Control With Limited Slack Action: Measuring Long-Travel Draft System Performance

RAILWAY AGE, JULY 2020 ISSUE, TTCI R&D: Draft systems are important contributors to train performance because, among effects, these systems limit the relative motion between coupled vehicles in a train and absorb energy during impact events. An end-of-car cushioning (EOCC) unit is a type of long-travel draft system that uses hydraulic cylinders in place of standard friction draft gears to absorb energy and improve yard impact performance. EOCC units absorb energy when coupler forces are applied by forcing oil from a high-pressure inner cylinder to a low-pressure outer casing through various preloaded orifices over a long displacement stroke, which is typically 10 or 15 inches.

Coming Out of the Pandemic: A Corollary for Restoring Passenger Confidence

RAILWAY AGE, JULY 2020 ISSUE: With the challenges facing public transit agencies due to the COVID-19 crisis, Argo Transportation Senior Vice President James Mourafetis looked to historical corollaries to inform the path ahead. He reached out to a veteran transit CEO who was faced with a crisis of rider confidence under different circumstances. Tim O’Toole, who has held a number of major executive positions in transportation, along with Cindy Yendell, a strategic communications consultant who supported London Underground’s response to the 7/7 London bombings, tell their story of how the tragic events 15 years ago this month relate to the challenges that transit agencies face today.

Takeaways From Cowen’s 2Q20 Rail Equipment Survey

“Order expectations by the shipper sub-group of railcar buyers were mixed. While a smaller percentage expects to order railcars, the certainty level about ordering has increased. Among railcar suppliers, we favor Trinity for the flexibility of its manufacturing/leasing model, and Greenbrier for its international diversification and cost cutting. GATX’s lease terms offer it some protection.”

CABT Report: Bigger Trucks a Bad Idea

The threats to public safety, the environment and the nation’s infrastructure created by allowing trucks larger than the current federal limits have been quantified by a new study released by the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT). “Increasing the size and weight limits of trucks on the nation’s highways would divert a potentially huge amount of goods from rail to roads, further damaging the nation’s infrastructure, causing greater environmental harm and undermining highway safety,” the study says.

Takeaways From Cowen’s 2Q20 Rail Shipper Survey

“Shippers expect rail price increases of 2.3%, up 40bps sequentially, above rail cost inflation, but well below the survey’s average. Economic expectations are all higher sequentially; some remain below the survey’s average while some are very positive indicators. With PSR cost-cutting, growth opportunities and the ability to capitalize on supply chain near-shoring, Kansas City Southern remains our top rail pick.”