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NxGen Rail Services launches NxTrack

Written by Douglas John Bowen

Chicago-based NxGen Rail Services said Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 it has launched NxTrack, describing it as "a fully integrated, line speed, rail track inspection system."

The NxTrack system includes full Geometry, Optical, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), the company says. The inspection module railcar rides along at line speed while collecting essential, real-time data with the on-board, proprietary analysis and management software. The software interprets the track condition using Federal Railroad Administration-based rules and delivers results to the customer.

NxTrack is designed to allow customers to inspect miles of track from a single system utilizing various methods. For detected problems, the system employs machine intelligence to analyze and report the probable root cause. Engineers can then make better maintenance decisions.

NxTrack is available from NxGen Rail in two ways: with full-service operation on customer rail lines; or under long or short-term lease to the customer.

“In the railroad industry, accurate information on track condition has become increasingly important yet data collection has suffered from speed-restricted vehicles and multiple technologies. NxTrack integrates multiple technologies into a single platform to create the first inspection system of its kind on the market,” said Kelly Pronek, director of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Sasser Family Holdings (SFH), the parent company of NxGen Rail. “NxTrack offers customers a 360-degree view of the rail to easily and accurately assess the condition of their track infrastructure, integrity, geometry, and ballast.”

Added SFH President Shad Peterson, “NxGen Rail represents Sasser Family Holding’s continued commitment to the industries we serve. The decision to expand our business into rail track inspection was one we spent a great deal of time and research on. “We now have a seasoned team committed to developing unique solutions for our customers. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive contributions that NxGen and the NxTrack product line will make in the industry.”

Other SFH subsidiary business units include Union Leasing, Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co., CF Rail Services LLC, and CF Asia Pacific Group Pty Ltd.


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