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For GREX, $10K goes a very long way

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) has made $10,000 available to its employees who are Armed Forces veterans to donate to veteran’s charities of their choice. Historically, GREX has supported its veterans through a variety of ways. This year, the company said, it “wanted to empower the veterans themselves to decide which causes to support.”

Armed Forces veterans make up 12% of the combined GREX and SENSR workforce (a sister company under parent Loram). Their roles span multiple departments, from specialized equipment operators working in the field to engineering team members in the office. “GREX is proud to employ these brave men and women,” the company noted.

Charities that will receive donations include:

“We regularly support veteran causes and programs, but we thought we could take it one step further this year and give the veterans in our GREX family the opportunity to choose where to donate,” said GREX President Greg Grissom. “We can never thank them enough for their service, but we hope this gesture lets them know how grateful we are for it.”

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