ZTR offers locomotive overhaul technologies

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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ZTR™, a leading supplier of control systems for locomotive modernization and equipment monitoring, offers “flexible upgrade solutions for older locomotives to improve tractive effort, reliability, and locomotive health information, allowing customers to quickly upgrade their fleet performance,” according to General Manager Matthew Scott.

The company notes that “increasing demand for consumer and industrial goods, coupled with rising rail shipments of crude oil and agricultural products, is placing significant pressure on locomotives across North America. Add to this aging fleets and a shortage of new locomotives from manufacturers, and rail companies are trying hard to keep pace.”

ZTR says it has responded to this market demand by releasing “new, innovative locomotive modernization solutions that improve locomotive performance while reducing installation and shop maintenance times.” Among these are BOA-WS™, which “improves wheelslip control, tractive effort, and locomotive reliability”; KickStart™, “technology that improves starting reliability and battery health,”; and NCM™, a “locomotive communication and diagnostic solution.”

These technologies, ZTR says, “improve the reliability of existing locomotives at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.”