Union Tank Car grows On-Site® repair capabilities

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

Union Tank Car Company’s network of mobile repair teams and dedicated mini shops established a new record in 2013, with well over a half-million car “touches,” including field inspections, repairs, and tank car qualifications. “UTLX On-Site® teams of dedicated, AAR-certified tank car technicians operate inside shippers’ facilities, ensuring cars are ready-to-load, reliable, and qualified per AAR and DOT regulations,” the Chicago-based company said.

“The UTLX On-Site® revolution will continue in 2014 and beyond,” said Blasko Ristic, General Manager of Field Services. “To deal with the growing and ever compounding number of cars due for qualification, UTLX On-Site® is making key investments in people and assets to expand the UTLX qualification-capable mini shop presence throughout the nation. The goal is to double our qualification capabilities at select locations so shippers can maximize fleet efficiency. We are developing new partnerships and discussing co-investment opportunities with key players in the agriculture and petrochemical industries.

“With Union Tank Car providing expert inspection and mechanical service within the gates of the shipper’s facility, only those cars requiring extensive repair or modification need to be sent to one of the full service maintenance, repair, and interior coating facilities in the North American network. Those 12 shops can focus on railroad damage, heavy repairs, and lessee-requested or government-mandated modifications.

“For more than 120 years, Union Tank Car Company has performed as a leader within the community of builders, lessors, and shippers of railroad tank cars. Including our Canadian affiliate, Procor Limited, we own a fleet of more than 88,000 railroad tank cars. In addition to manufacturing facilities in Sheldon, Tex., and Alexandria, La., we operate a major network of repair shops and lining shops. Our On-Site® repair and inspection resources currently include more than 60 dedicated On-Site® mini shops and mobile repair locations. UTLX openly partners with customers to lead the industry and regulators to practical solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.”

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