New from Miner: Updated Field Guide and Wall Chart

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Miner Enterprises, Inc. has released its latest inspection and installation Field Guide and Wall Chart.

Field Guide Version 7.2 contains information related to inspection and installation of Miner’s TecsPak® CCSBs (constant-contact side bearings), draft gears and brake beams. A static PDF version of the Field Guide, formatted to print on localized desktop printers, can be downloaded from the link below as well as from the Miner website.

“Miner’s Field Guide takes the guesswork out of buying, inspecting, adjusting and installing railcar components,” said Miner Executive Director of Global Sales Bill O’Donnell. 
“We designed it to be easy to use and useful for our customers. This most up-to-date version organizes the CCSB information into common-sense areas to help find the needed information quickly. The side bearing identification section includes model pictures with part numbers for easy identification and ordering. The general information section introduces the customer to need-to-know facts on Miner side bearings. There are also separate inspection and installation sections with a keen focus on achieving the correct setup height. As always, Miner has easy to use online calculators for all Sum of Pairs scenarios.”

Miner also has a companion Wall Chart available. Made of durable vinyl for mounting in a shop environment, the chart is organized into common-sense areas to help find the needed information quickly. Miner customers can obtain the Wall Chart through their sales representative.