For Miner, an EOCC Milestone

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Miner Enterprises, Inc. reports that it has received orders for more than 1,000 carsets of its Miner Friction Cushioning System (Miner FCS) end-of-car-cushioning (EOCC) devices, adding to the 2,700 carsets already in service. The new orders, expected to be shipped during the next few months, are from Class I railroads and car lessors for boxcars and coil-steel gondolas.

“Coil cars and boxcars have traditionally been equipped with hydraulic EOCC units. Miner FCS solutions provide greater slack management, increased draft protection and better control over run-in and run-out events than hydraulic units,” the company said. “This results in significant reductions in train consist restrictions, fewer unplanned service interruptions, and improved operations throughout the network.”

“These latest orders further validate the confidence carbuilders and fleet operators are discovering in the Miner FCS,” said Miner Executive Director of Global Sales Bill O’Donnell. “These EOCC systems utilize Miner’s proven draft gear technology to improve fleet operations, protects assets and reduces costs.”

O’Donnell pointed to “the results of six years of collaborative, innovative and rigorous field testing that’s gone into the Miner FCS. We’ve been working closely with Class I railroads for half-a-dozen years, and they are now leading the charge to replace hydraulic systems with the more reliable Miner FCS. That collaborative testing and evaluation, in combination with 100 million miles of proven service, have validated the Miner FCS as proven. As a result, word of mouth is spreading, and sales are growing—all driven by the proven performance of Miner FCS in protecting railcars and shipments, while delivering more cost efficient day-to-day operations.”

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