For Miner, a major gate order

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Rail equipment lessor CAI Rail Inc. has selected Miner Enterprises, Inc. to supply Double Groove III pneumatic gates for 440 plastic pellet covered hopper cars to be built by National Steel Car at its Hamilton, Ontario plant. Each railcar will be fitted with four gates, bringing the total order to 1,760 units.

“One of the most frequently specified pellet gates in the industry, the Double Groove III has a reputation for exceptional durability, product security and ease of operation,” said Miner Executive Director of Global Sales Bill O’Donnell, who described the 440-unit railcar build as “very significant.” “I am certain that our reliable, easy-to-use pellet gates will reward the confidence the customer has shown in Miner and in our products.”

In addition to its Double Groove III plastic pellet gates, Miner was also selected to provide TF-880™ TecsPak® friction draft gears, Series 2008 brake beams and TCC-IV long travel constant-contact side bearings for the 440 railcars.

“Pneumatic gates are a critical component in plastic pellet railcars, providing an outlet through which product can be sampled or unloaded,” said Miner. “Our innovative Double Groove III gate features a single-piece, obstruction-free valve that allows for optimal product flow and easy cleaning. It also provides a watertight seal, preventing product leakage and protecting the car’s contents from flood waters, rainwater and humidity.”

Miner said it “expects to see continued high demand for the Double Groove III and its other plastic pellet railcar components, as the plastics manufacturing industry experiences growth driven by low natural gas costs and expanding international markets.”

For additional information and specifications on the Double Groove III, download a PDF from the link below.