Dump those plastic pellets, fast!

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Miner Double Groove pneumatic gate for plastics.

A new video from Miner Enterprises demonstrating the “simple, reliable and proven features” of its Double Groove pneumatic gate for unloading plastics uses computer-generated imagery to provide an inside-out look at the Double Groove’s advanced features.

“The Double Groove is one of the most widely specified plastic pellet gates in the industry, having earned a reputation for high performance and remarkable durability,” the company says. “The gate’s innovative design is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. It provides one-handle operation, allowing users to select from a variety of gate positions with a simple motion. The Double Groove also features a smooth-welded interior with no ledges or support surfaces, ensuring fast product flow and complete cleanout.”

The Double Groove video also provides a detailed look at the design features that give the gate its “industry-best resistance to water infiltration, as well as the high-quality materials and rugged construction that ensure top performance even under challenging operating conditions.”

A recent order from Shell will equip 3,300 railcars with more than 13,000 new Double Groove gates.

“We want customers to understand exactly what makes the Double Groove superior to other pneumatic gates,” says Bill O’Donnell, Executive Director of Global Sales for Miner Enterprises. “Videos like this make it easy for people to see the unique aspects of our design and the ease of operation it provides.”

The new video, with specification sheets, design drawings and the Double Groove operating manual, is available on the Miner Enterprises website.


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