AAR sets Associate Advisory Board seats

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

The Association of American Railroads has established its Associate Advisory Board (AAB) seats for calendar years 2014-2015. The AAR received more than 70 nominations for 32 seats on AAR committees.

The AAB appointed Patrick T. Ameen of Amsted Rail Co. for a third term as AAB Chair. Patrice Powers of GE Capital Rail Services was appointed to a second term as AAB Vice-Chair.

Bob Hulick of Trinity Industries Leasing Company was selected to Chair the new Private Car Owner Committee (PCOC). The AAB elected to defer selections for the six PCOC seats until its next meeting; nominations will open up again to AAR members for these seats.

Following are the AAB’s 32 selections for committee seats that, unless otherwise noted, begin Jan. 1, 2014 and end Dec. 31, 2015.

• Advanced Safety & Efficiency Committee (two vacancies): Patrick T. Ameen, Amsted Rail Co., Inc.; Ashish Seth, GE Capital Rail Services (serving a one-year term).

• Arbitration & Rules Committee (three vacancies): John M. Kieras, Union Tank Car Co.; Kenneth B. Hillblom, First Union Rail Corp.; David A. Hargis, The Greenbrier Cos. (serving a one-year term).

• Brake Systems Committee (one vacancy): Donald W. Goodrich, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.

• Car Repair Billing Committee (two vacancies): Ray M. Burke, GATX Corp.; Leonard G. Choyce, TTX Co.

• Coupling Systems & Truck Castings Committee (one vacancy): Marlin E. (Mickey) Clark, Amsted Rail Co., Inc.

• Damage Prevention & Freight Claims Committee (one vacancy): Vacant, no nominations received.

• Equipment Assets Committee (one vacancy): J. D. Pavek, The Greenbrier Cos.

• Equipment Engineering Committee (two vacancies): John W. Coulborn, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.; Dennis R. Weed, Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.

• Equipment Health Monitoring Committee (one vacancy): Robert S. Toms, Union Tank Car Co.

• Heavy Axle Load Engineering Research Committee (one vacancy): Andrew Brown, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.

• Intermodal Car Performance Committee (two vacancies): Don Bodinger, First Union Rail Corp.; Mike Henderson, The Greenbrier Cos.

• Intermodal Operations Committee (two vacancies): James E. Fitzgerald, TTX Co.; Glenn P. Michael, Parsons Brinckerhoff.

• Locomotive Committee (one vacancy): Jeffrey S. Gamble, GATX Corp.

• Mechanical & Vehicle Track Systems Research Committee (one vacancy): Shaun Richmond, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.

• Open Top Loading Rules Committee (one vacancy): Darryl Copeland, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.

• Quality Assurance Committee (one vacancy): Mark A. Lumadue, Standard Steel, LLC.

• Specially Equipped Freight Car Committee (one vacancy): James R. Mitzenberg, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.

• Technical Services Working Committee (one vacancy): Sharon Harmsworth, TTX Co.

• TTCI Research Advisory Board (three vacancies): George Creighton, Trinity Industries Leasing Co.; Michael Klabunde, Electro-Motive Diesel; Joseph W. Palese, Harsco Rail.

Umler Committee (one vacancy): Gary Boklewski, GATX Corp.

• Wheels, Axles, Bearings, & Lubrication (WABL) Committee (two vacancies): Tim Burnett, The Greenbrier Cos.; Peter Manyek, GATX Corp.

• Wireless Communications Committee (one vacancy): Dan Maraini, Amsted Rail Co., Inc.

There are two vacant seats available for associate members on AAR Committees: a two-year appointment to the Damage Prevention & Freight Claims Committee, and a one-year appointment to the Intermodal Operations Committee. AAR will open nominations to Gold Associate Members for these two seats at a later date.

Click here to download an updated chart listing all Associate Member Representatives on AAR Committees

• Customer Service Committee: Miguel Andrade, Associação Nacional dos Transportadores Ferroviários.

• Grade Crossing & Trespasser Prevention Committee: Richard Campbell, New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway; Greg Konstanzer, Veolia Transportation (one year term).

• Railroad Safety Advisory Committee Alternate Seats: Ronald Robusto, Veolia Transportation.

• Railroad Security Working Committee: James Buckley-Waterman, Veolia Transportation.

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