Biarri Rail lands Boss MP Loco contract with KCS

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
Biarri Rail

Biarri Rail, a Victoria, Australia-based global provider of planning and scheduling software for freight railroads, has landed a major North American contract with Kansas City Southern Railway (KCS) for Boss MP Loco, its cloud-based locomotive master planning software. The company has a U.S. office in Chicago led by CEO Tom Forbes.

Boss MP Loco is described as “a cloud-based platform for scalable railroad and rail shipper planning, scheduling and operations software. Boss provides integrated planning across resources including train services, locomotives, railcars, yards and crew.”

Boss MP Loco “will enable KCS to quickly plan and optimize locomotives, leading to improved efficiencies and utilization of critical railway assets,” Biarri Rail said.

“We engaged Biarri Rail to perform a Proof-of-Concept using the Boss MP Loco software, and this clearly demonstrated that we could use the software package to identify potential fleet efficiencies and help make strategic decisions on the deployment and positioning of our locomotive fleet,” said KCS Vice President Strategic Operational Planning Mike Walczak. “For example, we were able to run multiple scenarios examining how many of our fleet could be equipped for Positive Train Control (PTC) based on how and where we may choose to assign power on our cross-border trains that operate in both the U.S. and Mexico. Our current locomotive planning tools do not provide optimization or ‘what if’ capabilities to deliver the most efficient plan. The Biarri Rail software has an intuitive user interface and powerful optimization algorithms, which will provide a step change in our planning capability. Based on the successful outcome of the Proof-of-Concept we are now implementing Boss MP Loco into our planning environment.”

“We are excited to be working with the team at KCS to drive this innovation with them,” said Tom Forbes. Boss MP Loco is a new concept in railroad planning and scheduling software, as it brings the best of human experts and machine together with a well-designed user experience and excellent algorithms that deliver real world results. This contract with KCS, combined with our recently announced contract with TasRail in Australia, really speaks to the flexibility of the Boss platform to provide value for railroads of differing sizes and types.”

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