Trainmaster (Multiple Openings)

Trainmaster (Multiple Openings)

Job ID: 93557

Location: Various

Application Deadline: July 12, 2018

Metro-North Railroad reserves the right to remove this posting prior to the Application Deadline.

MTA Metro-North Railroad is a dynamic organization, operating out of the jewel of New York City, Grand Central Terminal. We provide service to over 82 million customers annually, traveling in and out of New York and Connecticut. A subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Metro-North Railroad is the busiest commuter railroad in the nation. MTA Metro-North Railroad strives to provide a safe commute, great service to its customers and rewarding opportunities to its employees.

Position Objective

Direct the safe, efficient and economical performance of the Transportation Department in the assigned territories, ensuring that direct reports comply with all Operating, Metro-North, and Safety Rules within a District or Line.


Implement departmental Priority One safety initiatives and support inter-departmental safety goals and objectives.

  • Participate in Local Safety Meetings.
  • Participate in quarterly Safety Stand Down days within District for Transportation.
  • Complete all safety/incident/injury reports as assigned.
  • Post FRA reportable injury list in all crew bases within their district.
  • Perform required number of ETS checks monthly.
  • Coordinate random drug and alcohol screening of train crews and yard masters.
  • Proactively supports the Metro-North Railroad safety program through execution of Operating Division safety plan elements including safety observations, daily job briefings, and incident investigations.

Manage and support District service delivery functions affecting on-time performance, reliability, cleanliness, comfort, courtesy, communications and safety.

  • Monitor and ensure compliance with trains at initial station 5” prior to departure standard.
  • Supervise Yardmasters and Switching Crews. Review train make up sheets daily to ensure consist compliance – enact corrective measures if non-compliant.
  • Work with Fleet Management and Mechanical to ensure timely delivery of equipment to shops/yards minimizing turn-around time.
  • Monitor daily yard operations to ensure overall daily compliance with set standards.
  • Perform, meet and greet on specific initiatives as set forth departmentally.
  • Draft customer complaint responses for District Superintendent approval.
  • Interface/communicate with the OCC in regard to the Daily Operations Report in order to close out final dispositions and clarification of Train Incident Log Items that occur on their tour of duty.
  • Daily provide and research Train Incident Log Items and disseminate information clearly in a Transportation Log Report for their shift/District.

Lead and facilitate the coordinated activities of inter-departmental management personnel related to service functions on a Line or in a District.

  • Approve where appropriate all random arbitrary overtime/penalty payments to train crews and Yardmasters.
  • Perform required daily Yard inspection within the District
  • Office functions – oversee the ordering of supplies within assigned district.

Observe and report on compliance with all Operating and Safety Rules.

  • Perform required observations of Train Crew appearance, performance compliance, and train crew visibility.
  • Perform required monthly Train Rides for rules compliance.
  • Monitor crew register room compliance for all required company and federally mandated documents.

Monitor operating expenses and make economical train and service decisions.

  • Monitor daily yard operations and switching operations.
  • Manipulate crew and equipment turns during service disruptions.

Direct and coordinate the execution of capital and maintenance work activities to ensure a consistently high level of service delivery.

Support environmental compliance activities.

Complete required annual training in regard to Environmental compliance.

Immediately responds to main line incidents, clear safety hazards, and aggressively works to assure a safe and clean environment for employees and customers. Trainmasters are routinely first responders.

  • Be qualified on all required NIMS training.
  • Assist the District Superintendent when on scene of any type of rail incident.
  • Work with all affiliated outside agencies during service disruptions/emergencies.
  • Ability to manage/manipulate all equipment and crew schedules at all times, especially during service disruptions.

Assume the duties of a District Superintendent while still performing functions of a Trainmaster when required for vacation/unscheduled absences of District Superintendent.

Be available 24/7 unless scheduled off training, vacation, and or any other personal matters that require time off. Trainmasters are immediately responsible for 12-hour shifts.

Required Qualifications

  • Familiarity with train equipment, crew assignments, train cycles and equipment programs.
  • Knowledge of ACRE labor agreements or comparable labor agreements.
  • Knowledge of Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations.
  • Must be able to assess and correct problems in stressful situations with constricted time constraints.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills to facilitate and execute coordinated inter-departmental service delivery.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization and with outside agencies.
  • Must be able to manage an extensive work force and develop timely solutions to operating problems.
  • Must be able to work effectively with various Metro-North Operating Departments, contractors, personnel, as well as with outside agencies.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work nights and weekends, and to be on call seven days a week when required.
  • Valid driver’s license.

Preferred Education / Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Transportation, Business, Public Administration or related field
  • Locomotive Engineer Certification.

Required Education/Experience

Associates degree in Transportation, Business, Public Administration or related field.  Demonstrated equivalent education, experience and/or technical credentials to include an additional two (2) years of related experience may be considered in lieu of degree.

Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a Transportation/Operations capacity in any of the following areas or equivalent to: Conductor, Locomotive Engineer, Rail Traffic Controller, Yardmaster, Training Officer for the prior listed craft. Compliance Officers for Locomotive Engineer and Conductors.  The experience required for employees currently employed within one of the aforementioned crafts for at least one year can be supplemented by experience within one of the following positions:  M of E Electrician, Machinist, Foreman, Technician, Foreman General, and General Foreman; M of W Signal Department – Signal Maintainer and above, Track Department – Foreman and above, Electric Traction Class A Lineman, Lineman Drivers, Foreman and above, Third Rail Foreman.

Must be qualified on Metro-North Railroad (or a comparable Commuter Railroad) Operating Manual of the Operating Department and Roadway Worker Safety Rules and Air Brake and Train Handling Instructions. If from another railroad, the successful candidate must become qualified within six (6) months from date of hire.

Must be qualified on the physical characteristics of assigned line.  If from another railroad, the successful candidate must become qualified on the physical characteristics of assigned line within six (6) months from date of hire

Other Information

This is a safety sensitive position and subject to toxicology testing.

As an employee of Metro-North Railroad you may be required to complete a New York State financial disclosure statement, if you earn more than $97,448.00 or if you hold a position designated as a policy maker.

Effective September 2017, all full-time non-agreement personnel other than those directly involved with the movement of trains or delivery of service, or assigned to other emergency response teams, are required to serve in the Station Terminal Auxiliary Response (STAR) program requiring Terminal coverage for Grand Central Terminal (GCT) from 4:30 PM-7:30 PM one week per year or responding to Station STAR duty during a service disruption, system-wide at various hours including nights and weekends.   This program is designed to improve Metro-North’s ability to provide customer service during emergencies that impact service delivery or other service disruptions that require staff to provide directions and information to MNR customers at GCT or outlying stations. Please note, hours worked during your participation week are subject to change.

Selection Criteria

Due to the competitive nature of the selection process, not all qualified candidates who meet the minimum requirements for the position are guaranteed an interview. To be selected for a position, one must meet the following criteria: (1) satisfy the minimum requirements listed in the job posting, (2) if applicable, successfully pass a written and practical exam, (3) satisfy a background investigation (including but not limited to, employment, education, and criminal history), and (4) pass a verbal interview. Metro-North may also require the applicant to undergo a physical ability test, and, if the Company extends a conditional offer, may require him or her to undergo a medical examination, which may include toxicological testing. Failure to pass any step within the hiring process will result in the disqualification of your application.

Additional Criteria for Current Employees: Current Metro-North employees must be in active service to be eligible for consideration. Agreement Employees applying for a position outside of their present craft are required to have worked in your current union for at least one (1) year preceding the Application Deadline to be eligible to apply for a posted position, and have completed the agreed upon formal training commitment, including on-the-job training or lock-in requirement, if applicable (for example: Signal Trainee, Foreman-In-Training, etc.). If you are transferring to another craft, you may be required to forfeit your seniority in your present union. Non-agreement employees must have worked in your current position for a minimum of one (1) year preceding the Application Deadline. Along with a background investigation (including but not limited to, employment, education, and criminal history), employees are also subject to an internal investigation, which includes an evaluation not limited to discipline records and performance assessments.

We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

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 MTA Metro-North Railroad is an Equal Opportunity Employer