Inter-Rail Management Director of Switching

Inter-Rail Management is pleased to announce that we are looking for the next Director of Switching of our 40-year-old company.

As the Director of Switching you will be responsible for managing the mechanics of our locomotive fleet, as well as, safety and operations of our switching division. You will be overseeing all switching operations, nationwide. This job will require you to travel at least two weeks a month, however, you can live anywhere inside the United States.  We are looking for individuals who know locomotive mechanics, as well as, locomotive operations.  We need a leader who will take care of his staff and ensure that safety is the #1 priority. If you get the job, you will spend 9-12 months, shadowing the Vice President of Rail Operations. To find out more about our company and the team, please visit 


-DSLE Certified / FRA 242 and 240 qualified instructor

-Familiar with locomotive distributed power configurations and train handling operations

-At least 5 years of switching experience               

-Both Conductor/Engineer experience

-Computer literate

-Management experience                

-3 years

-High School Diploma

-A mechanical background would be an added bonus

This is a salaried position with the following benefits:

-Health, dental and vision and life insurance

-Life Insurance

-Short term disability


-401K and Profit sharing 

If you’re interested please email [email protected] and include the following:


-Cover letter

-At least 3 references