TRAC Intermodal Metro Pool reaches 30% “like new”

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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TRAC Intermodal’s Metro Pool chassis fleet, which serves the Port of NY/NJ complex, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New England and western New York State regions, has reached the 30% refurbished level, in “like new” condition with LED lights, and new tires/rims, electrical systems, brakes, airing systems and additional features.

“These TRAC blue chassis have been refurbished to like-new quality, making the TRAC fleet some of the newest and most reliable chassis operating in the Port,” said President and CEO Keith Lovetro. “With more than 17,000 chassis and more than 20 Start-Stop locations, TRAC’s Metro Pool is exceptionally well-positioned to serve the needs of the entire regional Port complex. Our customer base in the region is extensive and includes more than 20 steamship lines and more than 800 motor carriers. The significant size of our customer base creates a tremendous opportunity for our customers to interoperate our equipment on more than 80% of the containers moving in the region. A motor carrier can use our chassis for the vast majority of customers in the market.”

TRAC, adds Lovetro, “is evaluating adding new services that will further enhance the interoperability of our chassis for our customers. These potential new services, the overall size of the chassis fleet, the broad start-stop coverage and commitment to chassis availability and quality are critical to ensuring port fluidity as an increasing number of larger ships begin to call on the Port of NY/NJ once the Bayonne Bridge is raised” to accommodate Panamax-size container ships.

TRAC Intermodal is one of the argest intermodal chassis pool manager and equipment suppliers for domestic and international transportation companies in the U.S. The company’s active fleet consists of more than 264,000 chassis. TRAC Intermodal has a broad operating footprint, with more 600 marine, 160 domestic and 60 depot locations across North America.



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