TRAC Intermodal expands TRAC Select

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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TRAC Intermodal, one of the nation’s largest intermodal chassis pool managers and equipment suppliers for domestic and international transportation companies, is expanding availability of its TRAC Select premium chassis pool to meet growing demand among customers serving the country’s busiest ports, including Los Angeles/Long Beach and New York/New Jersey.

Launched in February, TRAC Select consists of a wide array of specialty chassis and services to meet specific customer and marketplace needs.

“Increased demand for TRAC’s specialized equipment at West Coast ports is driven by surging chassis volume during the current peak season, high pool chassis utilization, and customers seeking an alternative to the standard chassis pools to help streamline pick-ups and drop-offs,” the company said. “At the NY/NJ ports, demand for TRAC Select has grown with the arrival of larger ships now calling at the ports and an increase in shipping traffic to East Coast ports as a result of the recently expanded Panama Canal. TRAC Select’s ‘white glove’ service ensures that required chassis are always available and pre-tripped for the road to make drivers more productive. TRAC Select provides equipment choice to motor carriers, BCOs (Beneficial Cargo Owners) and NVOCCs (non-vessel operating common carriers).”

TRAC Select is available in more than 20 locations nationwide, with further expansion in the works. It “offers customers an assured supply of premium, high-quality equipment, with convenient locations near marine ports, railroad terminals and depots along with quick and easy in/out gating,” the company noted. TRAC Select chassis models include upgraded 40-foot marine chassis, Titans, Tri-Axles and Lightweights that offer features such as radial tires, LED lights, anti-lock braking systems, GPS tracking and automatic tire airing systems.

“We pioneered the Premium Equipment alternative pool when we introduced TRAC Select last winter,” said Keith Lovetro, President and CEO at TRAC Intermodal. “Business requirements and market forces are driving motor carriers, BCOs and others to find more efficient and flexible ways to source chassis at the country’s busiest ports. As port volumes and chassis utilization increase, customers tell us they want access to a guaranteed supply of high-quality chassis and a smoother transaction experience to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods.”




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