“The Rock” to Begin Phase 1 of Port of Rosedale Restoration

Written by Andrew Corselli
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The first phase in the restoration of the Great River Railroad rail service to the Port of Rosedale, Miss., is set to commence. The Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, a Mississippi LLC, is to begin clearing and repairing track leading to the Port of Rosedale in Bolivar County, Miss.

This Great River Railroad restoration “adds to and complements the current mission and future growth of the Port of Rosedale.” The rail line interchanges with the Columbus & Greenville Railroad outside of Greenville, Miss.

The Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, LLC is headquartered in Hernando, Miss. “The Rock” operates The Mississippi Delta Railroad (MSDR), based in Sumner, Miss., which operates a total of 85 miles of track in Northwest Mississippi from a connection with the Canadian National Railway at Swan Lake, Miss. The MSDR has two expansive yards located in Clarksdale, Miss., as well as numerous sidings and auxiliary tracks for car storage. The MSDR’s principle commodities include scrap, paper, polystyrene, PVC, fertilizer, cotton, grains and other agricultural products.

The Port of Rosedale is “a total intermodal facility, offering unrivaled access to both the lower Mississippi River and the Arkansas River navigation systems, the Port of Rosedale is strategically located only 100 miles from Memphis and within a 500-mile radius of major markets, including Houston, Birmingham and Atlanta. Additionally, our temperate climate combined with all-weather capacity ensures non-stop productivity.”

Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad operating the Mississippi Delta Railroad in Coahoma County, Miss.

“It is exciting to be part of this effort that will ultimately bring jobs to the Mississippi Delta,” said Robert Riley, CEO, Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. “We believe that this effort will significantly enhance the competitive advantage of the Port of Rosedale as it expands and attracts new tenants. We are ready to work with them to attract new tenants, to grow the capabilities of existing tenants, and to boost and expand intermodal capabilities.”

“The members of the Rosedale-Bolivar County Port Commission, the Bolivar County Board of Supervisors, and I are all pleased and excited in the anticipation of seeing the transformation of the Great River Railroad from a neglected but very valuable asset to what we hope to be a shining symbol of the revitalization of opportunity and growth for an area in need of both,” said Robert Maxwell, Director of the Port of Rosedale.

“I am excited for the chance to work with someone with the vision to see the tremendous potential for re-opening this railroad and what it can bring in the way of economic development for Bolivar County and surrounding areas,” Maxwell added. “It will vastly increase the reach and capacity of the Port of Rosedale by allowing it to regain the status of a truly multi-modal transportation hub for freight and commodities of all types. It will increase the Port’s value and effectiveness for Bolivar County and the State of Mississippi while expanding our connection to the rest of the world. We anticipate the expansion of existing businesses as well as the attraction of new businesses to the area as a result of the increased reliability of transportation via the Port of Rosedale and the Great River Railroad.”

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