CN submits Milton Logistics Hub EIS

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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CN on Jan. 7, 2016 submitted its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) for its proposed logistics hub/intermodal facility to be built in Milton, Ontario.

CN’s EIS describes measures the railroad plans to adopt to lessen the project’s environmental impact on the community. The measures include a one-mile private road to be constructed on CN property to avoid truck queuing on public roads; a new underpass to be constructed for Lower Base Line (a local road) to minimize the impact on commuters travelling in east and west directions past the hub; raised earthen berms topped off with native Ontario vegetation and trees to reduce the effects of noise and blend into the natural environment of the area; enhancements to the natural habitat of Indian Creek; and environmentally advanced technology and design in the hub, including solar panels, rainwater capture, and natural and LED lighting.

“The proposed C$250 million investment is expected to have significant economic benefits,” said CN. “It will help CN meet the critical transportation infrastructure needs of a growing Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area; create more inland freight capacity to better connect domestic and global supply chains linking the West and East coasts in Canada; and facilitate logistics development and job creation in Milton and the Halton Region.

“The EIS concluded that terminal-generated traffic on neighboring roads will increase less than 3% of predicted volumes during peak hours. CN will continue to work with the municipalities to inform their on-going traffic planning efforts. The EIS also concluded that there would be no significant adverse residual environmental effects during all phases of the project. CN is committed to a full federal review of the project and to active consultation with the community.”

The complete EIS is available on CEAA’s website.

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