CP Hosts Connect 2019 to Foster Growth

Written by Andrew Corselli, Managing Editor
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Canadian Pacific (CP) recently brought together short line railroads and transload operators, representatives of more than 50 companies, to its Calgary headquarters for Connect 2019—an effort to nurture collaboration and develop efficient service offerings to customers, with the goal of fostering sustainable, profitable growth.

CP works “with an extensive network of short line railroads and regional connectors, giving access to almost any North American location, well beyond the reach of CP’s rail network. In addition, CP works with more than 100 transload facilities across North America to reach rail and non-rail served customers everywhere.”

The transload business unit is a critical area of focus and development for CP, the company noted, with many unique opportunities to build on the company’s franchise strengths to generate sustainable, profitable growth.

“Our short line and regional connections, and transload operators are key extensions of the CP business that allow us the scalable reach to new markets and optionality for our customers,” said John Brooks, EVP and CMO, CP. “Our terminal capacity and strategic land holdings are unique to CP, providing increased optionality for this segment of the transportation supply chain. Our goal in bringing together these companies annually is to find efficiencies and opportunities, something of critical importance in today’s economic climate.”

“Our solid relationships with our Class I connections are part of the backbone to growth,” said Brian Jonaitis, Director Business Development, Indiana Rail Road Company. “Connect 2019 is the poster platform to bring us together to grow the future.”

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