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Railroad Day on Capitol Hill 2019

Wednesday, May 08, 2019 - Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Railroad Day on Capitol Hill has proven to be the single most effective way to get our industry’s message to Congress. The size of the event, the geographical diversity of the participants, and the unified railroad industry message has focused Congress on our issues like never before. You put the real-life face on the issues that matter most to our industry. When you turn out in force you demonstrate that those issues affect a large group of individuals who employ an even larger group of people from across the country. And you can’t rely on the other guy to carry your message. You need to come to Washington and join with your fellow rail industry workers to help drive home to Congress the important role that this industry plays in restoring America’s economy, improving America’s environment, and connecting America in the global marketplace.


Washington, D.C.


American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association
Association of American Railroads
National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association
Railway Supply Institute
Railway Engineering Maintenance Suppliers Association
Railway Systems Suppliers Inc.