ZTR: New display, new joint venture

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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ZTR Control Systems has introduced a new locomotive display, and has launched a joint venture with a South African railway supplier.

ZTR describes its new NEXSYS™ Integrated Locomotive Display (ILD) as “a state-of-the-art NEXSYS™III-i control system designed to replace aging or archaic control systems while at the same time increase locomotive adhesion, and integrate with AESS (auto engine start-stop) technology.”

“For those looking for a new control system, or current ZTR NEXSYS™III-i customers looking for a more streamlined cab display, ZTR now has the NEXSYS™ ILD,” the company said in announcing the new technology. “This will replace aging gauges that may have needed calibrating in the past and avoid the need for a myriad of control box displays, freeing up space and clearing the view in the cab for the operator.”

ZTR says the NEXSYS™ ILD can integrate with other systems to show additional information beyond the diagnostics in a standard HMI (human-machine interface) screen. It shows the required information defined under Association of American Railroads Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices S-591 LSI (Locomotive System Integration Operating Display) specification, and interfaces with the NEXSYS™ system to reduce the need for redundant sensors.

The NEXSYS™ ILD has numerous digital indicators graphical displays and alerts “to increase safety, reliability and operational efficiency.” These include:

• Advanced alerter function.

• Digital gauges and speedometer.

• Graphical alarms.

• Digital status icons for various features.

• Communication with the HOTD (head of train device).

• Advanced diagnostics.

• Digital overspeed warnings.

• Train length counter.

• Optional integration with electronic air brake systems.

“The ZTR engineering team works closely with our customers and continue to make improvements to existing products and to customize solutions,” says Amarjit Soora, Manager of Engineering, ZTR Control Systems. “Our clients told us they wanted a cab driver display meeting the requirements of the AAR LSI specification, but they also wanted the opportunity for further integration in the future.”

ZTR will be demonstrating NEXSYS with HMI and ILD screens at Railway Interchange in Indianapolis, September 17-20. E-mail [email protected] or call +1-952-233-4340 to set up a personal demonstration at Railway Interchange or for more information.

South African Joint Venture

Concurrent with launching NEXSYS ILD, ZTR has entered into a joint venture with Surtees Rail Group, South Africa. Surtees is a long-time supplier of locomotive control systems, railcar components, and rolling stock maintenance equipment.

Surtees will offer several ZTR systems to the South African rail market: SmartStart® AESS, “the proven and trusted choice in AESS solutions around the globe; NEXSYS™III-i control system; ZTR BOA™ excitation and locomotive wheelslip protection system. “With SmartStart®, NEXSYS™ and BOA™, ZTR and Surtees offer a suite of products and services that can extend the life of a locomotive 15-20 years,” ZTR said.

“We believe that ZTR Control Systems provides an exceptional fit to our offerings for rail operators in the region,” said Surtees Director Tony Wood. “The company’s unique products will upgrade our own fleet and, through our trained and qualified technicians, Surtees will extend this service to locomotive fleets throughout South Africa and beyond. This comes at a time when cost effective solutions for improved locomotive controls, like increased tractive effort and fuel consumption improvements, are critical in driving costs down.”

“At ZTR, it’s important for us to understand our customers,” said Vice President and General Manager Control Systems Matthew Scott. “As a local vendor, Surtees brings an incredible breadth of knowledge and expertise as our local representation in the South African railway market. ZTR is confident this partnership will provide hands-on, proven and cost-effective solutions to South African customers with all levels and phases of a railway project.”




















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