Windschmitt joins Quandel as Director of Railroad Operations

Written by Andrew Corselli
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Quandel Consultants announced on April 15 that Peter Windschmitt has joined the national rail and transit firm as Director of Railroad Operations.

Windschmitt holds a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University in information technology, and a graduate certificate in operations research from Columbia University. In addition, Windschmitt is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, as well as the Institute of Railway Signal Engineers.

A rail industry veteran of more than 15 years, Windschmitt has experience in freight operations, transportation planning, and freight and passenger systems integration. He joins Quandel “to contribute to the firm’s ongoing efforts on Hiawatha Service between Chicago and Milwaukee,” the company said.

Windschmitt began his career as a train dispatcher for Union Pacific (UP). He also worked for UP in transportation planning and as a senior systems engineer. As Chief Planner for HNTB, Windschmitt “led the operations planning of Brightline, the nation’s first privately funded intercity passenger rail service, connecting Miami and Orlando, Fla.”

“Peter Windschmitt’s experience in both freight and passenger rail allows him to build understanding between project stakeholders,” said Charlie Quandel, CEO, Quandel. “We are pleased to have him on our team to provide valuable analysis and counsel, ultimately leading to meaningful results for all parties.”

“When integrating freight and passenger systems, it’s important to consider how decisions will impact operations now, a few years from now and decades down the road,” said Windschmitt. “As Director of Railroad Operations, I work to balance day-to-day freight needs alongside long-range passenger plans.”

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