Wabtec lands Brazilian contract

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Brazilian logistics company and freight rail operator RUMO has awarded a contract worth about $5 million to Wabtec Corp. to design, install, test and commission its Train Management & Dispatching System (TMDS) for wayside signaling interlocking control, training and systems integration at the Port of Santos, São Paulo.

Installation is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, “providing increased safety and efficiency to one of Brazil’s main ports in Brazil,” Wabtec said. “The initiative will allow the port to prepare for future technology upgrades and integrate with other railroads. In doing so, it will become an essential interoperable point to Brazil’s railroads.”

“Wabtec’s relationship with RUMO is extremely strong as a result of the freight products and services for cars and locomotives we have been supplying for decades,” said Wabtec President and CEO Raymond T. Betler. “The addition of this train control contract allows for even greater collaboration while providing innovative railway solutions that reinforce our position as a leading technology supplier in the region.”

Rumo, formerly known América Latina Logística (ALL), is a Brazilian logistics company. Mainly focused on railway logistics, it is the largest company in Latin America in this segment. The company also provides transportation services such as intermodal transport, port operations, warehousing. It is involved in leasing railroad equipment to third parties, and also offers road transport services in Brazil through América Latina Logística Intermodal S.A. RUMO operates more than 7,000 miles of track along the western and southern areas of Brazil. It is the primary freight railroad connecting the geographical regions producing sugar, grain, ethanol, cellulose and paper to other railroads and ports for exporting.

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