Two short lines tap 10East PMMS system

Written by Douglas John Bowen

10EastCorp. announced Wednesday that both the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and theBelt Railway Company of Chicago have chosen the company’s RailDOCSTM PreventiveMaintenance Management System (PMMS) in support of preventive maintenance andgovernment compliance logistics for their signal requirements.  This includes the Tests &Inspections System and the Configuration Management System.

TheIndiana Harbor Belt Railroad is the largest switch carrier in the U.S., providinga wide variety of services, including industrial switching with 160 customers,and generating170,000carloads of business annually. It interchanges daily with 16 other railcarriers inChicago.       

The Belt Railway Company of Chicago is the largest intermediate switching terminalrailroad in the U.S., with more than 300 miles of switching tracks, allowing itto interchange with every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub.

 JimmyMorgan, 10East director of sales, said, “Chicago is a key part of the NorthAmerican railroad industry, and the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and the Belt Railway Company of Chicago are both very important railroads in the area. Witha highly concentrated amount of traffic and therefore high demands onmaintenance and federal compliance, they needed a system that would allow themto efficiently manage both of these needs, yet still be able to fit in thebudget. RailDOCS provides them with the answer to these needs and was chosennot just because of the preventive maintenance and government complianceaspects of the system, but because they saw the real value RailDOCS provides, addingvalue and a return on investment to what is normally a cost of compliance.”



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