TransLink’s Hui Among ‘Next-Gen Train Control’ Presenters

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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TransLink Director Systems Engineering William Hui will present on “The Evolution of TransLink’s ATC Program.” He will touch on how the ATC program had its roots in 2012, delivering SOGR projects, but needed to be enhanced due to the volume of SOGR as well as the need to support expansions, such as Evergreen, OCC 2 and OMC 4. His presentation will describe the strategies adopted to address technical and project management issues, including schedule coordination, software build management, and resource loading. 

Hearing from industry experts like Hui is just one reason to participate. Need more? Here are ten:

  1. Spend valuable networking time with signaling and train control professionals from around the world.
  2. Learn about innovative approaches to implementing advanced technologies.
  3. Discover new methods for procurement and contracting.
  4. Provide input on standards development.
  5. Become better-informed on current R&D initiatives.
  6. Share lessons-learned with industry colleagues.
  7. Connect with potential new customers.
  8. Acquire all the knowledge you need about ongoing and planned projects.
  9. Discover what regulations are coming and how they could impact your business.
  10. Advanced your standing as a railway industry professional.

Railway Age’s Next-Gen Train Control Conference, presented jointly with Parsons, will feature in-depth technical sessions and comprehensive project updates on CBTC for rail transit, PTC for main line railways and related advanced, emerging technologies—artificial intelligence, Big Data, cybersecurity and more. Presented by leading experts from around the world, this conference is now in its third decade, and is the global rail industry’s single-most important communications and signaling event.

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