Siemens-Ondas Wireless Radio Communications System Shipped to Class I

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor

The newest Siemens Mobility-branded wireless radio communication system from Ondas Networks has been shipped to a Class I railroad, reports Ondas, a developer of proprietary, software-based wireless broadband technology for industrial markets.

The Mercury edge remote runs Ondas’ Mission-Critical Internet of Things (MC-IoT) software for licensed narrowband frequencies. According to California-based Ondas, the MC-IoT software platform “offers the network operator the ability to aggregate multiple adjacent and non-adjacent narrowband channels into a greater data pipe in order to support both existing legacy and additional advanced applications.”

In May 2020, Siemens entered into an exclusive partnership with Ondas to bring a Siemens-branded portfolio of Ondas’ wireless radio communication systems to the North American rail market. The portfolio features “new radios that are interoperable with Siemens Mobility’s extensive installed base of Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) radios,” the companies reported in the spring. “Importantly, the new radios will be MC-IoT capable, ensuring the railroads are ready to embrace future advanced train control, signaling, crossing and monitoring applications.”

Said Ondas Chairman and CEO Eric Brock of the recent shipment: “Ondas’ MC-IoT software platform enables new advanced applications at the edge of major industrial networks. The Mercury platform, which we have shipped to one of our North American Class I rail customers, is a major step forward in the widespread adoption of industrial applications.”

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