RailComm automates UP Long Beach intermodal facility derail controls

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
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Union Pacific has awarded a contract to RailComm to replace a legacy hardwired derail control system with an automated Domain Operations Controller® (DOC®) proprietary yard control application at its intermodal facility in Long Beach, Calif. The system will expand automation to all tracks in the facility.

RailComm’s automation solution will allow personnel to automatically apply and remove derails to provide track protection, using two DOC system workstations. Yard personnel will have the option of controlling the system using the main DOC workstation located in the yard control office, or from a remote DOC workstation being installed in a secondary location. RailComm will provide a wireless communication system throughout the yard to facilitate the replacement of the hardwired control of each derail location.

“This intermodal facility will take advantage of the DOC system’s remote control operation for track protection to help increase efficiency and throughput,” RailComm said. “This is especially important due to the rise in intermodal rail traffic. This project adds to our presence in the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.”

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