Now Online: Railway Age March 2023 Digital Edition

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor
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The March 2023 issue of Railway Age is available digitally, showcasing our Short Line and Regional Railroads of the Year as well as deep dives into next-gen motive power.

Railway Age is proud to recognize the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad (NDW) as its Short Line Railroad of the Year, and the ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada (AMIC) Railway as its Regional Railroad of the Year for 2023. The Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway (ACWR) has earned a Short Line Honorable Mention. Each one has set its sights on growth—from turning around aging infrastructure, boosting industrial development, and building local, state and federal partnerships to increasing safety and efficiency through new technology.

Also inside the March 2023 issue, you’ll find feature stories on:

  • Next-Gen Motive Power. Transitioning from steam to diesel took more than 20 years. Moving to zero emissions will probably take much longer, according to Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono.
  • Follow the Megawatt-Hours. Railway Age Contributing Editor and former Union Pacific (UP) mechanical department officer Michael Iden discusses propulsion options for freight rail, with insight from his years of practical experience with new technologies and research and development.
  • Making or Breaking Safe Train Operation. Critical components like couplers, draft gears and end-of-car cushioning units must be capable of managing thousands of tons of force. Railway Age Senior Editor Carolina Worrell provides a roundup of offerings from suppliers as well as Railinc, which provides component tracking technology that enhances safe train operation.
  • A Varied, Growing Network. Rail transit in Northern California is on the rise, reports Railway Age Contributing Editor David Peter Alan.
  • Anthropomorphic Materials Characteristics. In the latest edition of “Timeout for Tech with Gary T. Fry, Ph.D., P.E.,” Fry addresses stress, strain, strength, fatigue and toughness.
  • Wheel/Rail Friction RCFS Testing. MxV Rail principal investigators Ananyo Banerjee, Yuqing Zeng, Daniel Thielemeir and Xinggao Shu report on a series of full-scale wheel/rail rolling contact tests using a Rolling Contact Fatigue Simulator (RCFS) to investigate the effects of lubricating media (water and solid lubricant) on rolling contact fatigue and wear with controlled traction ratios.

Plus, Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass explains why 45G—not H.R 25, the Fair Tax Act—is what counts.

These highlights and more can be found in Railway Age’s March 2023 digital edition: